Cheapest Mobile Deal with Most Data

Hi all

Anybody here buying large amount of data Once per year and use the lowest tier mobile deal for the rest of the year with rollover data and minutes. I joined skinny for this end of last year but they seem to have discontinued the most expensive data optional buy. How are you guys going to remedy this? Join 2degrees?


  • Right now Kogan are doing three months of 32GB pm (96GB total) for $1. They have to be activated by 31 Oct 2020 I believe.

    If you buy 2 x $1 SIM / vouchers today, you could activate one now, that will expire on 14 Dec 2020, and activate the second on on 31 Oct 2020, that will expire on 31 Jan 2020 (might be 90 days, rather than three months, but pretty close either way).

    You can keep your number, or get a new one as you prefer.

    It auto-renews, but you can cancel that the same time you activate.

    See here:


    • But whats the long term plan? I cant seem to find any plans similar to buying large once and topup with data.

      • Not sure - what is the minimum plan that you can get with Kogan? Would that work for you after the three months (96GB) is up?

        If not, maybe go dual SIM, and go prepay minimum with Skinny / 2Degrees or whoever, and use Kogan's data for the first three months, the move to the carry over data you've saved up in that period from Skinny / 2Degrees etc?