Iphone 12 vs note s20 ultra

Just saw the discussion about waiting for iphone12 is worthy, i thought i should bring up mine.
Since IPhone3s i used iphone most of the time. I am using SE atm and i used cheap samsung Smartphone in between.. I want 5G phone so i dont have much choice on that. And i am a bit nervous to use Samsung phone As it seems like it has lots of features that iPhone can’t do. what do you guys think? Shall i just go with s20 ultra or Wait for on iphone12?


  • Ask yourself if 5g is actually a necessity. I am considering to see how much the 11 pro max reduces in price upon release of iphone 12 before I make any final decisions. Pixel 5 will be worthy of consideration as well. We don't have long to wait until we will be able to make a decision!

  • If you have always used iphone you might struggle to fully change over to android. I had a brief go but soon returned. Maybe I just didn't have the patience.