Looking for Impact/Drill Driver Any Recommendations

Looking for an impact/drill driver that includes batteries not just the skin, will need to be heavy duty. I want a quality one i.e Makita.. any recommendations?


  • Invariably you end up with other tools as well, so id look at the other tools and costs of those tools and battery sizes before deciding.

    I like Makita and AEG.

    I bought Bosch green combo from M10 as they had a deal for a drill and impact driver two battery charger with a bonus skill saw for $280. I'm actually very happy with it and would recommend it. It's not often that you need a really powerful cordless drill so the lighter ones are nicer to carry and use BC they are smaller and weigh less. I think you definitely need two drills one for drilling the hole and one for driving the screw. I've seen this deal a few times. The actually skill saw is quite weak so can only do really light work so it's not great but it's still free and it works.

    I have a bigger corded Makita impact driver for tougher jobs. I found the entry level Makita not that good so my corded drill is the next model up from that and a lot nicer.

  • If I was to do it all again I'd spend about $1500-2000 on a combo pack.

    • That's the best way to go and wait till they come on sale I got Dewalt combo with a drill, Impact drill ,125 mil grinder, 1/2"torque Impact Wrench ,charger and three batteries for $880.

  • I recommend Panasonic. I have used dewalt and other top brands but find the Panasonic superior. You can't buy them from the major retailers so you'll need to order direct or buy new on trade me.

  • If you want good quality cheap but at a little risk - buy new AEG tools from Trademe at half the retail as people will buy combos and sell the tools they don't need or already have. Or buy AEG new and get a 5-year warranty while paying slightly less than Makita, Dewalt, etc.
    They are also releasing their sub-compact range in NZ shortly which I'll probably pick up as they are much smaller physically but only slightly less powerful.

  • AEG It's just a name doesn't really exist any more.AEG name is licensed to a Hong Kong company which makes a series of different power equipment brands.I would put it in the home handyman category rather like Black & Decker(Same company as DeWalt).It all depends what ecosystem you want to be in Makita, Dewalt, Bosch (blue) ,Milwaukee.Trade me is a good place to buy brand-new cordless tools as they are not wanted from kits or being split up and quite often half the price of say mitre 10 or Bunnings.