What to do re: new phone

So I smashed the back of my motorola one vision, it is still usable however for the foreseeable future.

It leaves me on the hunt for a new phone, something I am not sure what to do. I am willing to spend a fair amount on something truly great. However am also particularly mindful of longevity and how that seems to be lacking from most androids perspective. Also appreciate a good camera relative to price point.

My question is, do I wait for the iphone 12? (very expensive imo, but all you need in a phone) - and get a longer service life with iphone being repairable and holding value reasonably well, or try and snag a deal on something else?

I've been eyeing the oneplus nord but it has sub par camera performance for the price point. The pixel 5 is coming soon, however remains hard to get being in nz.

Just curious to see any CC's thoughts on what they would do in my situation. Or if they have any advice re buying a previous gen iphone?


  • I have been using One Plus 7t from last few months.
    It has great camera
    Decent battery life. Sometimes I don't charge it for 2 days.
    Performance wise this is best android phone I have so far. I have used high end samsung, htc, lg etc but One Plus is best among them.
    If you are a gamer then it is has superior refresh rate.
    I like to watch netflix on my phone rather than on my 4k TV.
    One plus release updates regularly so if there is any issue, it will be resolved quickly.

    • Trouble is it is already old, keen on something more future proof than a 2nd gen droid flagship. Price is right though!

    • Ups for OnePlus, I recommend the 7 Pro (or possibly another from their range like the 8/pro if you're wanting a newer one)

      Here's a good vid on it, just remember the prices he says are in USD https://youtu.be/aAkridWMmyU

      It covers stuff like future android support, how the cameras hold up, how the phone compares to other phones now etc

  • I'm holding out for the Pixel 5 which is due out this month. Will have 5G as well so a little future-proofing. Should be easy enough to get; Amazon ships the Pixel 4a here: https://www.amazon.com/Google-Pixel-4a-Unlocked-Smartphone/d...

    • Google Pixel phones have always been the best and most intuitive phones I have ever had. Downside is the battery performance is just soooo bad, it kills all the other benefits. The proposed spec for the pixel 5 has a slightly better battery although still nowhere near what it needs to be.

      • I agree - I've owned every model of Pixel up to the 4 and while the cameras / vanilla android is great they have always been poor in battery life, build quality and had sub par screens compared to Samsung/Apple. I think unless you really like the high contrast camera / night mode there a better Android options.

        Samsung actually offers a lot better value in terms of build - screens and features. The new OneUI I actually pretty good and the 'Single take' feature is killer if you have young children…. plus local warranty support.

        Just my 2c - I'm now an iPhone SE user but that more for ecosystem than device preference.

        • How do you cope with the 720p screen? I have no idea how they thought that was acceptable in this day and age.

        • Having had multiple Galaxy phones (S2, S7+ and two S8+), I will never buy another all-glass phone again. Nor will I ever pay $1000+ for a phone again.
          I'm a big believer in spending money where you spend your time but my willing to bet the $750ish for the new Pixel 5 will give me the same amount of joy I'll get from a Galaxy for half the price. YMMV of course.

          • @CatsPajamas: Pixel 5 is $699 USD… so around $1050NZD + GST so you're looking $1250ish inc shipping from Amazon….. so now sure where you got the $750 price from?

            RE: The SE - Resolution on the screen isn't really an issue… it's only 4 inches after all. The battery is the main thing I hope they can improve on in the next model.

  • iphone SE?

    • 720p screen at a $800 :( Why apple why?

      • It is still a retina display and so it isn't noticeable to most people. I have a Note and it can do a really high resolution. But by default it is 1080, which is about the same pixel density as the iphone, and increasing the resolution isn't really noticeable. Sometimes it will drop back in resolution to 1080 and I wouldn't know.

      • I had the exact same phone I think it was an iPhone 6 or 6S or 7,anyway it was a long time ago.

  • "My question is, do I wait for the iphone 12? (very expensive imo, but all you need in a phone)". What do you need in a phone that's missing from $400 one? All phones can break.

    • Good Camera and software support. With this purchase I want something that will be usable in 3 years time, sick of being stuck with a POS that reaches end of support 8 months after purchase.

      • Except if the battery will last 3 years before needing replacement.

        • I owned xiaomi - mi3, mi5 and redmi 6 - all became unusable by 2nd to 3rd yr… battery life became too short and became too slow to use.

  • Does anyone have any thoughts/experienced with the Huawei P40 Pro???

    • doesn't have google play… if you use wechat and chinese apps, it will be ok.
      but NZ banks and apps… nada.

  • pixel 4a looks good, probably hard to get in NZ tho, I was waiting for it but old phone died just b4 lockdown so needed a new one asap or i wlda waited and got it

  • Buy a brand-new iPhone Xs and save $1000 as you certainly won't get a $1000 better iPhone.Never buy a refurbished iPhone Clone unless it is Apple certified.