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[Free] Far Cry 3 Standard Edition @ UPLAY / Ubisoft CN


Similar method as previous Valiant Hearts offer. Thanks @neil

1) On your phone (not desktop), login your uplay account first at ubi store website of any country.
2) Click the OP link to enter ubi CN store and claim the game(the light blue button under the zero price tag) . No VPN required.
3) Open up uplay and you'll be able to see it in your games.

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    works from desktop for me. thanks

    • Make sure you have the game in Uplay. (I think you need the Windows application to check your games, at least I couldn't work out any way to check on their website.) When I tested, it seems to suggest I got the game. But I didn't. When I checked in Uplay I only had Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon from a previous giveaway. When I clicked on the link to open Uplay it seems to open a CD key thing (I think this is what PurpleLemon18 had as well), I assume because it knows I don't have the game.

      You can claim on a desktop, but may need to do stuff like I described below

  • Not working for me, I can claim it via the link. As soon as I open Uplay I'm asked for an activation code.
    Can anyone help with this?

    • According to Iasc's comment, the game might be in your library already.

      Otherwise try with a mobile browser like the description above which worked fine for me.

  • comes up in chinese for me, on both desktop and mobile

    • It's the Chinese site so will be mostly in Chinese. You don't really need to read anything though although as noted by others it's probably easier if you login first so you don't get confused trying to login on a Chinese site. (Edit: Whoops sorry I missed that was you.)

  • ah, got it to work. only on mobile. log into you ubisoft account first on your mobile.

  • If you don't have yours handy or whatever, you probably don't actually need to use a mobile device. I tried with me and my mate's accounts and confirmed while it doesn't normally work with desktop, you can get it work. 2 options that worked. For simplicity, I suggest you do these after you've logged in successfully etc, but before you try and claim the game.

    1. Zoom into the page to the maximum possible. (Ctrl plus or ctrl mousewheel up on most browsers.) Then look for the icon to buy. If you have a massive screen, there is a slight chance zooming in won't work by itself. As an alternative, you can probably just reduce your browser window size although you need to reduce it enough (make it like a phone and one held portrait not landscape). See below for more details about zooming.

    2. Hit the F12 key. On most browsers this should open the developer console. You should see an icon which looks like a tablet and phone together. Click on this and you can emulate a phone and this should also works.

    Note that fooling around with user agents doesn't help from what I can tell. I assume because it's a responsive web design so doesn't really care about user agents.

    You probably don't need to zoom to maximum on a 1920x1080 monitor. I think you need to zoom in until the page changes so the dialogs to select the game edition and platform is under the picture as a box you click on with options (well there are no options for platform but same thing). Note that the page will first change so the purchase option is under the picture but I'm pretty sure this isn't enough. You need to go until the 2nd level where the selection dialog is also under the picture. If successful, when you click to "buy" the game you should see a dialog which just says "ALL GOOD Your game is activated on your Uplay Library. Discover Uplay!" If you see a dialog which tells you about preloading on uPlay, it didn't work. Note that because this is a responsive web design, if you change zoom level after clicking, what you see will also change but I don't think this will help.