Advice for Car Remote Keys

I'm needing to get a replacement remote key for my car. Cheapies, what are your thoughts in the way of getting this done without it costing a fortune. Thanks in advance.


  • There are quite a few places around that will do remotes for much less than the official suppliers.

    I can't remember what I paid (pretty sure it was less than half what Toyota quoted) but when we needed a replacement, I just called around maybe ten different places, all in and around East Tamaki, and went with the cheapest.

    It works fine. The only difference is that I now have a separate key and remote, but that's pretty much irrelevant to me - they both work fine, and the one that we had that worked already still does.


  • I replaced mine earlier this year, I got a genuine one from toyota for $220 i think it was - decided it was better to go original then if for whatever reason it decided to not work, i'd have something to fall back on

  • A bit offtopic, Do anyone know why the Garage remote openers are so expensive? I recently looked at replacing my Dominator (GDO-.9 or 11, don't remember exactly, 6 years old model.). The current ones are electronically good but poor quality plastic body didn't like a fall into the concrete patio. The new ones are like $80(in Tardeme)!!
    Not sure if ordering from AliExpress is a good idea.

    • Same issue here. Lost one key and when tried to order from here, its like $80-$90 but same ones can be ordered from Aliexpress for under $20

      • I've ordered from AliExpress for RF remote worked fine for me just had to program or to the right RF code.

  • I've recently went to Mr Minit St Lukes, wanting to duplicate my Estima's keyless entry transponder. My jaw dropped when the guy told me it would cost $400 bucks to do that. I walked away as fast as I could. Surely it shouldn't be THAT expensive?

  • Thanks for your thoughts team 👍

  • I ordered a car Key off Aliexpress, $25. Works for my Audi, fully functional. I could do the remote pairing myself. Easy.

    • This is the response!
      I'm going to go through some steps. Please fill in the blanks if you can.

      Order correct key from Ali.
      When it arrives get it cut to match door lock.
      While you're getting it cut purchase the correct battery to go into the key.
      Get home, insert battery into the new key.
      With your original key and you new key sit in the driver's seat and…


      and then you're good to go. Your new key will operate just like your original key.

      Please and thanks for your help 👍

      • The blank is different for each car. You might need to turn the key between AC and lock five times then insert the new key then start the car. Or something like that.

  • Slightly off topic but are you aware that if you are a premier (or whatever the term is) AA member theyb will contribute $100 toward the replacement cost of your car key? At least that was the case 4 years back when I lost my car key. Worth checking out