[Cancelled] Free 6 Pack Chicken McNuggets (via App) Only on This Wednesday @ McDonald's

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McDonald’s ‘1 Million Free Chicken McNuggets®' promotion available to first 166,667 people to redeem the ‘Free 6 Pack Chicken McNuggets’ offer on the McDonald’s app in New Zealand on Wednesday 12th August 2020. Offer entitles customer to one free 6 Pack Chicken McNuggets only. Offer available from 9am – 11:59pm or until offer is depleted (whichever is first). Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer must be used in a single transaction. Parent/carer must be present for child under 14 to redeem. For a limited time, while stocks last at individual restaurants. Excludes McDelivery®. Offer may be revoked for any reason in McDonald's ultimate discretion

Mod 12/8: Cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions, see comments. Facebook post

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  • Dang, should have stockpiled those Szechuan sauce a while back. Would have gone well this Wed.

  • Thanks OP. Is this advertised elsewhere? Can't seem to find it other than here on cheapies?

  • Wondering if the lucky last person to redeem will only get 4 nuggets?

    • I know that was a joke, but I can't see it realistically possible this deal will run out. IIRC their 25k Big Macs did, but only at like 7pm or something. But their 50k cheese burgers did not, nor has any of their other limited free giveaway deals. I mean okay, there may be more people with the app now, and also you don't have to queue at the counter to get the deal (well I assume it will be like normal app deals and you can just scan the code), but still, it seems unlikely it will hit the limit.

    • "ah yeah sorry, due to the success of this promotion we only have 1 nugget left… should I bother boxing it up or should I just put it straight in your mouth?"

  • Fairly sure this deal is going to be cancelled …..

    • aww dude, and I've already prep a bowl of homemade Szechuan sauce already…

      • drive thru ez

        • I suspect it will be cancelled or more likely postponed. Even if they restrict it to drive thru only outside Auckland (where it's level 2 so they don't have to), I doubt McDonald's wants the press coverage surrounding the wisdom of doing a free nugget promotion in the current circumstances. Far better to wait and do it when things have calmed down. I assume it means all their stores will have large stocks of nuggets :-P

  • Looks like it's cancelled. I it on the app yesterday afternoon but last night it had disappeared. No comment on their fb post last night but this morning they've removed the fb post but haven't made any follow up post announcing it has been cancelled. Poor communication I must say.

  • has anyone managed to claim this? - its not showing in my app

    • Neither

    • Pretty sure they cancelled it in light of new lockdown. Would be poor form to go ahead with it given last night's announcement, but also poor form to not communicate the cancellation. Guessing they will postpone it to a later date

      EDIT: called it!

    • I have just had the notification on my phone.

      Sorry Nuggie fans, but with the announcement of changes in Covid-19 restrictions we've had to postpone the 1 Million Chicken McNuggets giveaway

  • "Sorry Nuggie fans, but with the announcement last night of changes in Covid-19 restrictions we’ve had to postpone the 1 million Chicken McNugget giveaway. As you’ll understand, our restaurant teams are focused on getting the restaurants ready for alert level 3 and 2 restrictions, and maintaining social distancing.

    We look forward to treating Kiwis to 1 million Chicken McNuggets as soon as possible. In the meantime, please stay safe and look out for each other."

  • I've just recieved an alert from the app saying its been postponed due to last nights announcement.
    "McDonald's Sorry Nuggie fans, but with the announcement of changes in Covid-19 restrictions we've had to postpone
    the 1 Million Chicken McNuggets giveaway."

  • Any idea how much chickens are required to make 1 million chicken mcnuggets? Just wondering.