Has a Petrol Price War Just Started This Evening on The HBC in Auckland? Tuesday Aug 4th Evening

6.40pm Tuesday 4th

Gaspy is listing updates of several different stations selling 91 petrol around $1.50 only a litre ! (Thou only 1 price confirm at a Mobil station). Any Cheapie in the HBC area this evening able to confirm this….. ?.


  • Im only seeing mobil at 1.52 on the app

    • Yeah , abit strange. When i posted after 6.00pm, there where several stations - brands listed on Gaspy in the HBC area at close on 1.50 pump price. Now just the Red Beach Mobil, but has 2 price confirms now so appears there has been a short lived price scrap there this evening. Pity thou not in the rest of Auckland for us all to enjoy………

      • More likely a coordinated attack (or prank rather) at creating false fuel prices, thus causing people in the area to go cray cray abit, and drive their cars out to these stations, only to be left disappointed.