Corsair Vengeance Pro Rgb 3200MHz 16GB $169, Titan Army 1440p 34inch 144hz Ultrawide Monitor $699 + More @ PB Tech (St Lukes)


In store only.

Some crazy deals like the titan army 1440p 34inch 144hz ultrawide monitor for only $699

Corsair vengeance pro rgb 3200mhz 16 gh (2x8gb) kit for $169

And heaps more. Chuck some good finds in the comments

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PB Tech
PB Tech


  • Went down just now but they were sold out of the Vengeance Pro Ram :(

    • RIP :( I went in first thing this morning and it was packed. Luckily got that ultrawide. It was swept clean after a bit

      As for the ram, it’ll probably around the same price on amazon soon. Keep an eye out

      • All good. Was fun to check the place out anyway. And yes I'll keep an eye out here RE: Ram. Won't be the last good deal!

  • i got 3600 ram for almost that price from amazon shipped
    32GB (2x16) is about $255 from amazon shipped

  • I manage to get the ram at 169 despite outta stock. Just ask nicely and they'll order it for you for that same price!

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