Anyone Have Experience with Cheap TVs?

Just wanted to grab a TV to chuck in the bedroom for the occasional bedtime Netflix binge.

Just wondering if anyone has experience with these TVs mightyape is selling?

Price seems a bit too good to be true.

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  • Don’t have experience with those ones but they look similar to what Kogan offer which are just Changhong TVs

    I ordered a Kogan 43” 4k HDR Android tv recently for my son and he is happy with it
    The picture quality looked good for the price and it functions well for a bedroom tv.

    The one downside I can see to the gorilla tv is it looks like it’s custom tv software and not android tv based so may not have many updates

    Another thing with Kogan is the tv shipped from a warehouse in Auckland so was overnight where most think they come from Australia

    • Oh interesting.
      Thanks for the info!

      I was under the impression that kogan was all based in Australia and didn’t wanna deal with warranty hassle. If kogan TVs are decent for their price, I might look into that then.


  • Check out the Samsung t6500. Not 4k but good feature for the price and likely to get on sale closer to 700. Dual free view sat and UHF tuner and Android based, so has all the usual apps. Surprisingly good speaker sound as is, so you can afford to wait for a sound bar.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. But I’m looking 55inch or 65. And at that size 4k is a must for me

      • All good. There were a few name brand 4k commercial TV's floating around pb tech a few weeks ago for a good price, think they had two or three year warranties as well. They were for hotels so I don't think they had tuners or something.