Soda Stream Refill?

Does anyone know where to get the cheapest soda stream refills? I used to wait for a Briscoes sale but they seem to be excluded from these now.


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    Try M10.

    Also warehouse farmers Bunnings.

    The cheapest price I've had was actually buying new 60L canisters from jbhifi when they did a special once

  • You could try modding it.

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    $26 for 60L at Noel Leeming seems good, not sure if they go on special, $30 at Warehouse and $28 at Mitre10. Can't remember how much we've paid at Briscoes when they're on special but they don't show online so can't tell without ringing or going there which is annoying.

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      i thought i paid $23 at m10, but that might of included trade discount, although usually trade discount wouldn't apply much on a c02 refil.

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    $20.91 at Noel Leemings with a Farmlands Card..

    Cheapest I have seen.

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    Are you sure they're excluded at Briscoes? I know they're not online which is a pain but I think they still are covered in the sales.

    I usually wait for an xx% off everything sale and buy mine then. The last one I had was on 14th June and reduced from $25.99 to $23.13. I recall in the last 50% off everything Briscoes sale I ended up getting a refill for about $14 which is a total bargain. Worth buying a couple of spare full 60l ones and saving them for the next big sale.

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      Last couple of Briscoes sales have explicitly excluded them, e.g. from their website:

      *Discounts are off the white sticker price and are not additional to existing reductions. Offers available Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th 2020 in-store and online. Discounts exclude the purchase of gift vouchers, Delonghi & Breville coffee machines and Soda Stream gas cylinders.

      Earlier in the month the Briscoes store in Wellington had a sign above the registers that said soda stream refills excluded.

      Shame, used to be a great deal.

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    Briscoes currently have a 15%-50% sale and Soda Stream refills are not excluded.

    They are reduced from $25.99 to $22.09 so I have refilled both my spare bottles.

  • Soda Stream 60L refills are $19.99 at Noel Leeming until 25th August, great price.

  • $19 at noel leeming until Tuesday

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    In Auckland, these guys do refills for 60L sodastream bottles for $19.90 !

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