Looking for Suggestions for Where to Buy a 2.5k (Reliable and Neat) Car in Auckland

Hello lovely people of cheapies!

I’m looking for suggestions of where I can find a decently neat and reliable car for 2.5k in Auckland besides TradeMe. This will be my first car purchase and I’m looking to keep the car for at least the next two years so need something reliable and safe. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Frugal gal


  • In 2016 I bought a 97 Mitsubishi Legnum for 2k spent another 500 doing it up and lasted me to 2019 until I sold it off. So you can definitely do better than I did lol.

    I'd recommend posting in your community group on Facebook or Neighbourly. Someone posted in my community Facebook group and surprisingly a lot of people posted their car for sale in the comment section within their budget

  • Trade me, Facebook, and local roadside car selling spots is what I check when looking for a car.

  • Hi im just about to suspend the rego on my spare car. If you interested to view, just txt m. Toyota Spacio white

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