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Halo Down Jacket $99 @ MacPac


Macpac Halo Down Jacket is now $99.99 (RRP $279.95), shipping is FREE.


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  • Yeah, these are $99 all the time, ok for that price but not super special.

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    I'm not sure why is everyone upset about this? I apologize if what is posted is in fact not a good deal.

    But I am under the impression that this was a good deal as it has always been very well received in the past:

    $99.99 + $10 shipping
    $99 + shipping

    This exact same deal is also posted on OzBargain and is also very well received: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549066

    • Hit and miss timing and audience I guess, consumers may have bought jackets prior to the first cold snap at a better (or worse) deal. Good on you for sharing though!

      • This deal comes just in time for the first real cold snap for this year. When the cold hits, that's when people flock to clothing retailers.

    • I don't mind being told about this deal (repetitive as it may be). I nearly bought this at Xmas when on sale, but found the sleeves to be too long. Otherwise, would be well worth $99 on sale. Do people actually buy these at full RRP (tourists perhaps)?

      • Not sure what app model they use but the sleeves are crazy long.

        Got 2 for the daughters. Thanks.

        • All good. I couldn't size down either cause the chest was too tight. But my other half got a $99 one which she gets a lot of wear out of. For the OP - no need to apologise, good on you for posting it.

    • No need to apologize. Thanks for sharing

    • The thing is they don't have to 'like' it if they don't want to. Like the others said, it is repetitive but it is a valid deal in my opinion. Thank you.

    • i got this last year, think i paid 110, love it.

      I personally dont shop at kathmandu after they got caught destroying stock rather than donating it to poor or homeless

    • Idk man. I know macpac do sales regularly but this looks like a decent price. Wasn't looking for a puffer but might just get one.

  • I’ve had this one for a couple of years from a previous $99 deal. It’s still one of my favourite go-to warm coats.

  • Don't own one myself as i prefer a hooded jacket.
    But thanks frosty for sharing :)

  • This is one of those briscoes types deals, where if you wait a month it will always be available at this price, either at MacPac, Kathmandu, Torpedo 7 etc. Also similar to Pizza deals, which rotate between hells, dominoes and pizza hut and where it sucks if you happen to arrive in that small period between deals and have to pay full price at 1 for $30 instead of 2 for $15

    It's a good deal if you need it now, and thanks for sharing. I may actually go and get a few for the kids.

    • Jacinda needs to stop worrying about banning offshore drilling, and look at consumer protection laws.

      The ability of stores to run fake sales is really annoying.

      In the UK, they cannot run a sale price every weekend as they do here.

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    It's worth sharing, bought mine from a cheapies link last year and love it. Way better than the kathmandu and t7 jackets I bought for wife and kids.

  • A deal is a deal mate. Better than a dead forum with no posts at all.

  • Thanks for sharing. I personally find it useful. $99 is the lowest I’ve ever seen them across years and I think putting it here on the forum will Definitely help those who are in need of a winter jacket deal.

  • Macpac set their own RRP so they can make it seem like a huge discount when in reality it is virtually never sold at RRP.

    • It is a very common practice here in NZ. Kathmandu does it, so is Torpedo7. Don't let me started on Briscoes! Don't worry Com commission is going to slap them all, with a wet bus ticket!

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    Awesome thanks heading to the South Island and this is a great post - we were just looking at buying 2nd hand ones on Trademe and people want that price for their old ones, so you have made my day.

  • Thank you frosty for posting this deal, I was in need of a warm down jacket and I wouldn’t have been aware of this deal unless you had posted it. I bought one after work last night and so happy with it :)

  • Sometimes a post gets a frosty reception. Sometimes not.
    A good jacket for a good price.

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      Alas that was why after I dedicated every day to posting comps and freebies on Kiwicompers for more than 5 years that I just stopped overnight, that was a great site and new comers stopped playing nice and more people stopped posting and sadly it has now gone. Sooooo keep up the good work peoples, please remember to be thankful - this site has drawn me back in to my love of bargain hunting and prize winning and thank you for including me in your daily finds!

  • Works out to be a 64.3% discount on RRP, pretty good!

  • Thanks for posting, picked one up from Macpac yesterday - and very glad I did :). I remember the hole in my wallet when I bought my first puffer jacket, these "outdoors" retailers are running a nice little scam with their RRP pricing. Your timing is spot on with the post!

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