Flick vs ecotricity

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Current Spot prices of Power are High here is a comparison of Fixed Low Priced Power Companies for the ILam, Christchurch Area, with ecotricity you can export power to the grid as well if you have solar panels.

Standard User We consume about 800 Kwh a Month on Average. (Off Peak Entire Saturday Sunday and all days from 9 pm to 7 am) Peak from 7 am to 9 pm , I am currently at Ilam Christchurch.
Flick Power Charges FFIXIE Plan. Including GST + any other Charges
Peak 0.312455
Off Peak 0.158815
Day charges 107.4675

ecotricity Power Charges , Eco Any Time Plan Including GST + any other Charges.
Peak 0.2354 Cents
Off Peak 0.1664 Cents
Day Charges 0.966 Cents

Currently not on Spot Price as its relatively higher for many days.

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