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2 for 1 Large Deluxe Pizza from Pizza Hut


Promotion with flybuys. Key in code at check out

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  • BEWARE an order made using this coupon was labelled as a "failed order" at the store, for both payment at store and in-app payment methods.

    lucky enough for me the store honoured the order after I paid online.

    • I used the free garlic bread code at my local store and it doesn't work. So yeah, store owners are now starting to be picky.

    • I placed the order earlier but chose to pay at store, will see how it goes.

  • confirmed the order by email. then you came to the store, they said the order missed. Dominos still the best value

    • Not for me, ordered online and just paid my pizza in store

    • i had the same problem i send the order for collect via app and they said to me they didnt get the order , it was a Bush In store christchurch, The guy at the till had to contact some one higher up and it took him some time , he needed my phone to have to order number , in the end he manually charged the order , its very contrasting to dominos .

  • Only works for certain stores.

    If you try to use the code at the Wanganui store you get the following message

    Coupon is not valid for this outlet.

  • Not valid at royal oak, newmarket, grey Lynn, quay street or mount Eden Auckland stores either. That’s all over tried and none of them worked. Must be location specific?

    • Grey Lynn worked, I placed order this afternoon and picked up for dinner. I phoned the store and confirmed my order as well

    • Dunedin worked on my phone but I decided Id wait to order on a computer. However when I got home to a computer the code no longer worked probably why worked for one of you and not the other ~

  • No mention of any store limits or anything else here https://www.flybuys.co.nz/deals/pizzahut-jun20

    • I’ve emailed flybuys to ask what the story is.

      • It seems to have been removed from the Flybuys site. Maybe they figured Pizza Hut doesn't know how to handle coupons so it was a bad idea?

        • They can easily handle coupons as they have a centralised ordering system, but the franchisees have for years refused some coupons that are deemed 'too good' for the customer.

          Only coupon codes advertised in their newsletters can be trusted to work.

          • @Avantime: Well the Flybuy's page is back. Maybe they've supposed to have sorted their problems?

            Anyway I'm sure I've heard of people saying they ordered stuff but then it wasn't in their receipt? I think this may be with the survey codes. Unless stores discarding the original receipt and then making brand new ones removing stuff this seems to be a problem with their ordering system to me.

            Also are you saying the stores were lying when they said it was a "failed order" or the order didn't go through as per earlier comments from you and others? For me, if an order shows as successful on the website or on the app, but genuinely never shows up in the store, this is a problem with their ordering process, not just with the store.

            Even if the store turns off their online ordering system or they lose internet or whatever, I'd expect that the website/whatever should detect this and your order should fail since it can't place the order with the specific store. This is how most other systems seem to work (with occasional weird reports from Burger King, and also a completely weird experience from Texas Chicken). I could understand some lag time between the seeing the order/receiving a printout and them turning off their system so I guess you may get the occasional case where the store really never received your order but it appeared successful, but these would be very rare exceptions.

            Of course if a store receives your order, see's the coupon is too good and then lies and says they never received it, I agree that's largely a problem with crappy individual stores and Pizza Hut management not cracking down on them.

            A separate issue are is individual stores are able to disable certain coupons. I've heard this is the case with Domino's ones too. This means the coupon doesn't work on the website for the store but you don't know until you try since there's no list. This can be annoying, but provided in their advertising they make it clear certain unnamed stores may exclude the coupon I can sort of accept that. If they don't make it clear in their advertising, either they need to change their advertising or ban stores from disabling those coupons. Either way, this isn't really a problem with their ordering/coupon system per se. (Provided as I said you actually get a clear failure when ordering. If you don't get a failure and only find out when you show up, I'd still say this is a problem with their ordering process. It needs to tell you of any failure, not just the store, this is how most other systems work.)

            Edit: Found this https://www.cheapies.nz/comment/49458/redir and which affirms what I was thinking of, people saying it's not in the receipt. I mean I guess they could rely on the code showing in the receipt to tell them of the freebie, but frankly that's a dumb system and people seem to suggest their receipts do show the freebie sometimes anyway. If stores are able to remove stuff from online order receipts before printing them out, frankly even that is a flawed system. The only way I can imagine this isn't a problem with their ordering process is if stores just make new orders and use the receipt from this, and discarding the original ones.

            Actually https://www.cheapies.nz/comment/49445/redir is worse since it sounds like it didn't show up in the email either? Assuming it did when ordering but then disappears when you actually order, that is also a major flaw in their system in my book, customers should never have to screenshot before ordering because things mysteriously change when they order. (To be fair, AliExpress has a flaw if you order just before their sale end you may be charged non sale price even though it looked like you were going to be charged sale price until you orders. But at least that's isolated to the a certain specific case.) Someone there claims it shows up on the screen in store, but not on the receipt, again a flaw in their system in my book. A lot harder to argue when it's not in you receipt, KFC for example survey codes etc have always showed up in the receipt for me. And from earlier reports it sounds like it's not even consistent, it's sometimes in the receipt and sometimes isn't, that's even worse subject to my earlier caveats.

  • How come these deals are always so poorly done with pizza hut?

    Even with the main ones they advertise (e.g. a free fries code or garlic bread code) it tells me the free gb is correct in the order in the email confirmation, but then at the store it's like they have a different order to my order confirmation but without the freebie from the code!

    It's been like this for years now whenever I try a free code for pizza hut and it only works like 1/3 of the time, even though it always comes up in the confirmation

    • You need to file a complaint with Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut stores have been dishonouring codes for years now.

  • Order works if your not doing pickup. I've tried using it to pick up from Mt Eden and it doesn't work but when I order delivery it works and the store is the Mt Eden store

    • Thanks mrkrabs, It does appear to work for delivery but then that takes most of the value out of the deal to be fair.

  • Just used this tonight and it seemed to work for pick up. Had to choose one large and then apply code which then allows you to add the free one. But to be honest, their San Francisco large deluxe pizzas didn't feel that large… Just my opinion.

  • +2 votes

    Soooo complicated as with most offers from Flybuys…
    We tried online and in store with no luck - Letstaxthis you are right you need to be logged in and add First pizza, then add discount code BEFORE the next pizza as a drop down box with FREE pizza selection will then appear and choose from there otherwise you next selection from the menu will not be discounted so had to try this a few times to get this right. Thanks for that tip as about to give up.

    • Your welcome ;)

    • Thanks, worked for me (pickup) . A nice step up from my usual cheapie $5 pizza ;-)

    • Thanks, worked for me (pickup)

    • Can you do this more than once or only once? The Flybuy's site is unclear if it's single use to me.

    • This is a bit late, but I don't think there was a clear limit on the number of times you could use the deal. Also I don't think you needed to be logged in. The key point was adding a qualifying pizza (any deluxe pizza) and then adding the coupon then adding your free pizza in the option it gives you. You need to select base even though there's only generally one option. If you create an account (or I assume log in) after it doesn't matter provided you used the special option to add the free pizza.

      Intriguingly, although the coupon says equal or lesser value as they always do, you seem to be able to add any deluxe pizza even if it costs more. I didn't try actually going ahead given Pizza Hut's legendary order system it seems a bit risky. But it looked to me like it would work.

      Note that you don't need to touch the Fly Buys app. I did it on desktop and it seemed fine