KFC Coupons: 2Pc Chicken + Burger + 3 Sides for $9.99, Family Burger Feast $29.99 and More


PLU171 $4 - NUGGETS DEAL - 6 Nuggets with Dip,reg Chips.
PLU219 $4 - SNACK DEAL - Snack Burger, 1x reg Chips.
PLU313 $5 - $5 LUNCH - Snack Burger,1x Wicked Wing, 1x Reg Chips. (use survey code on this to make it a better deal).
PLU312 $9.99 - CHICKEN & BURGER DEAL - 2pcs Secret Recipe Chicken,1x Snack Burger,1x reg Chips,1x reg Potato & Gravy,1x reg Drink.
PLU310 $19.99 - THE MATES ZINGER DEAL - 2x Zinger Burgers,4x Wicked Wings,2x reg Chips,2x reg Potato & Gravy,2x reg Drinks.
PLU311 $29.99 - FAMILY BURGER FEAST - 2x Zinger OR Colonel Burgers,2x Snack Burgers,5x Nuggets & 1x Dip,4x reg Chips,4x reg Drinks.
PLU104 $32.99 - BUCKET BONANZA - 12 pcs Secret Recipe Chicken,1x lge Chips,1x lge Potato & Gravy,1x 1.5L Drink.
PLU225 $38.99 - WICKED CHICK MIX - 15pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, 6x Wicked Wings,1x lge Potato & Gravy,1x lge Chips & 1.5L Drink.

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  • How do you use the survey code?

  • As usual another terrible round of deals from KFC.

    • PLU312 looks like an ok deal - if I can do piece request?

      • Nah a snack burger basically a chicken nugget in bread. I don't consider that a burger, definitely worth less thab a piece of chicken. I prefer my chicken to resemble actual meat from an animal.
        Same goes for the sugarwater drink worth less than the cup and straw. And don't get me started on the potato powder + gravy powder mixed up in big buckets. That's not food. It's weird the level of food a large proportion of kiwis consider highly palatable.

  • If only they have a coupon with a Double Down…..

  • Is extra seasoning now 50c or is swap an item (P&gravy for coleslaw) cost +50c now?

    PLU310 charged $20.49

    • Yes the swap would of cost 50c, sometimes they don’t even let you swap using a coupon. The extra seasoning is free as they never do it anyway.

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