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[PC,Mac,Linux] 744+ DRM-Free Games: Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality $5 USD (~$8 NZD) @ Itch.io


All proceeds will donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50.
All games are DRM-Free - that is, they can be downloaded and run on the platform (eg PC, Mac or Linux) for which they are designed, without restriction as to licensing, but the games do not come with Steam keys.
The best description of how to take advantage of this incredible offer is at: https://old.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/gxh1bj/itchio_bu...
There are some seriously A-grade games in this bundle but in true Itch.io style there is also a lot of, umm, "filler material". It does take a little effort to download and curate a DRM-Free library, I think the approach has far more merit than a Steam library, and is in keeping with the cheapies.nz / ozbargain mentality - but that is an individual choice. At $5US for 744+ games it is undeniably the best bargain in gaming sales for the last several years…

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  • Apparently there are 100 more "projects" (I would guess mostly games) coming tomorrow, in this same bundle. Has to be a good deal. Source: https://twitter.com/moonscript/status/1269157695442939904?s=...

    • The addition of those extra games has been put back a day as the people-in-charge decide whether to include more originally-free games, or just more originally-paid games. Or get a vote on it.

      • Still no word on the extra games to be added to this bundle - it is now sold close to a quarter of a million copies, and raised nearly $3US million, which I think must make it one of the most successful games bundles of all time. However the dev in charge hasn't added the free games because "it was the weekend" and then "it was his birthday" and - look let's just admit we can't really rely on some people treating promises as more than an itchy *** … sorry :-(

  • What games can you recommend?
    I found "A short hike" to be quite enjoyable.

    • Yeah keen to know as well, its only $5 of course, but after a lot of scrolling, didnt exactly see any Red Dead Redemption 2 or similar :)

      • itch.io distributes indie games, so you're not going to get anything like RDR2, but here's a list of games I've have either played or had been recommended.

        A Mortician's Tale
        Night in the Woods
        A Short Hike
        Wheels of Aurelia
        Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
        Bleed/Bleed 2
        Heavy Bullets
        The King's Bird
        Glittermitten Grove (don't dismiss this based on the name, it's not what you think)

    • Super Hexagon, Night in the Woods, Oxenfree, Overland, at least.

    • Yes, non-binary and LGBT - as well as lots of cute and cuddly pet games (what a sad mix) seem to be itch.io fodder - maybe because they are DRMFree, so no-one gets outed. But there are some good ones

  • Best to look in some of the forums with more traffic for a list of games worth your time:
    or https://old.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/gxh1bj/itchio_bu...

    I dove in and started playing an unknown: "pendula swing" - but oh, you would need to be a die-hard fanatic to persist, it is just so… slow…

  • Bundle ends in 7 hours! Be a part of history - the most successful bundle in world history! Now has sold $7.6US millon worth, contains 1704 games, and has sold 750,000 copies. A lot of really good games were added after the start, as Devs jumped on board.

  • Crap I was busy when I saw this then forgot about it. Remembered about 10 hours too late :-(

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