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[PC] Free - Total War Saga: TROY at Epic Game Store


Here it is: A Total War Saga: TROY is an Epic Games Store exclusive for 12 months – and will be available for free if you claim it in the first 24 hours.

That’s right – we’re giving away TROY for free, to keep, as long as you claim it in the 24 hour window!


Full RRP after 24 hour period so pretty good for a new game

Mod: NZ time 14/8/20 3am to 15/8/20 3am.

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  • probably limited quantities :/

    • I don't think so, should be just whoever claims it within 24 hours - Epic games giveaway doesn't have a limited quantities afaik

  • I saw that email and just rolled my eyes -what is the point of teling us over 2 months before?

  • PS, dont have huge hopes for this game.

    Theory is they are doubting the game (CA) , so took a wad of cash from Epic to make it exclusive on their store.. no modding support etc etc etc.

    Expect Warhammer 3 to be on Steam still however.

  • What's the point of posting this when we have to wait 71 days to get it? Might as well post all the upcoming freebies from Epic Games all the way till next year and the year after that.

    • If anyone has a list it would be great to post it even if not as individual deals. AFAIK we generally only know 1 week in advance what next freebies will be. There was the "leak" for the sales specials which were up to 4 weeks but I don't think those fake leaks are common are they?

      • You're missing the point. You can't CLAIM the games until they make it available on that day. It's like posting dates for a bunch of upcoming games and movies. Can you watch them or play them NOW? No you can't. Can you claim the freebies or get discounts on those deals NOW? No you can't. I could be dead 2 weeks later and I still would have to wait bloody 40 odd days to get to the 70th day just to claim this game. It's a waste of a post.

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