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2 Hershey's Chocolate Pie $4.40, 2 BK Chicken BLT $12.75 via App @ Burger King


Burger King have 2 single use (per account) coupons in their app. BOGOF Hershey's Chocolate Pie ending on 24th June. BOGO1/2P BK Chicken BLT ending 30th June. The prices in the title are from a store near me, yours could vary.

If you don't like bacon or tomato you could always remove it and get a regular BK Chicken although you'll only be saving about $1.85 for the 2 burgers then. (And they had a $5 BK Chicken deal a few days ago.) Be warned that the BK app is known to be problematic with some stores.

These aren't valid at Christchurch airport as always.

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  • It's interesting that the BK Chicken BLT is a BOGO1/2 deal. They've generally had BOGOF deals in the app for their promotional burgers over the past 2 years or so. I wonder given the bankruptcy of the parent company if someone decided BOGOF for their promotional burgers was costing them too much compared to the likely benefit.

  • I also know the bOGO 1/2 deal, but I prefer Donalds any time:P

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