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MSI Trident 3 9th Gaming Desktop + Free Gaming Monitor (Worth $500 via Redemption) $1517 @ MightyApe


really good deal when you factor in you can get a free Gaming Monitor worth around $700 Via Redemption makes it a nice deal :)

thins is the monitor https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-G27C4/Overview

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    • look up the refresh rate. Its 165HZ.
      Only high resolution is not the main key for gaming monitor.

  • probably costs around $1000 to build a gaming pc, so paying $1500 and getting a $500 monitor without having to build anything sounds ok to me.

  • A random $1700 build + monitor with better performance

    • so for $200 more and building it myself without a system wide 3 year warranty I can get better performance, cool, not sure what the point of that comparison is.

      • You get significant FPS improvement which makes the high refresh rate monitor actually useful, more memory, future upgradeability (important),

        For warranty, you can save some hassle if getting all parts from same retailer.
        Of course, if you are not confident on building a PC, prebuilt is the way to go.

      • I think it's worth building a computer oneself instead of relying on warranty. It is so easy and there are so much resources out there these days.

  • It's not a good deal you will need to upgrade ssd and ram and 27inch is small for monitor for the spec

    • 27inch is fine most people sit around 1-2 meters from there screen anything bigger would not worth it unless your going to sit further away

      • I am a trader we use a combination of large screens in from of us it can be 34to 48inch wide to 16.9 to quard display like a video wall as long as refresh is not horrible and colour RGB quality is decent including resolution it does not matter how far or near you sit

  • There isnt even an RTX1650 as it says it has. Its a GTX.

  • So yeah it's good deal for a prebuild if you are not familiar building your own, otherwise it's not a good deal if you build your own.

  • Showing as $1785 - how do you get this down to $1517?

  • this is an ok setup for office or light gaming and decent price if you can get the monitor. i'd prob upgrade the RAM and i doubt you'll be pushing the monitor limit.

    but if you're a hardcore gamer you'll prob want to overspend and built one yourself anyway.

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