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Cities Skylines Bundle $1.50/BTA/$29.50 @ Humble Bundle


Great price on the base game of City Skylines. I’m pretty useless at the game, and couldn’t take advantage of the DLC, so the $1.50 tier probably represents good value to most.

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  • Pretty good deal if you into city simulator

  • Buy the bottom level without question if you have any vague interest in a game like this, it offers insane value (I clocked 200 hours on it before buying any DLC). Just note that this is more of a sandbox than a "game". You build your city, and then keep building your city. It's sedate, and a great time killer.

    The base game is perfectly fine without the DLCs, as it has massive mod support and still receives regular updates and new features.

    If you do want the DLCs, I recommend jumping straight to the last tier, as the ones in the middle tier are the weakest.

    Remember that you can buy the first tier, try the game out, then, so long as the bundle is still active, you can pay the difference to unlock the higher tiers.

    • If this bundle follows every other bundle, you actually have exactly a week (plus a few minutes) after then ending time to upgrade if you've already purchased

      • Thanks, I haven't actually bought a bundle for a couple of years so must've forgotten.

  • I enjoy it but the dlc is where they make the money on this game. I got mass transit only to find out some transit options are in other docs. Worth the money for the base game if you are in to this sort of thing but the mileage might vary on the dlc.

    It's fairly CPU heavy game too, one you have a few hundred thousand ai run residents a lot of CPUs struggle.