Steam v Origin for Online Game Purchase

A question for you gamers out there…

I'm eagerly awaiting Command and Conquer Remastered being released by EA on 6 June 2020.

It looks like the digital game will be available for purchase from either Steam or Origin stores (neither of which I have used before or have accounts to).

My question - in your gaming experience, which platform store should I sign up to to purchase the game? Are there ongoing membership costs for either?

I'm familiar with Epic Games thanks to Cheapies, so do they both work the same way? Appreciate the comments ;)


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    Steam is the MUCH better platform with a much wider range of games. None have any sort of use costs :)


    Origin customer service is non-existent.

    Steam has been around a lot longer than anything, and despite the tediously slow pace of Valve development, Steam has some good features like automated refunds. But there's catches, like if you've played a little too much of the game (say it didn't quit when you thought it did) you can't get a refund anymore and no amount of discussion with their support drones will change that.

    The Epic Game Store on the other hand is way better, even though it's not automated they'll honour pretty much all refund requests. So if you CAN get a game through EGS, DO get a game through EGS. It sounds like it's not an option in this case though. It's too bad because EGS is the ideal customer experience.


    Appreciate the comments folks ;) Will proceed with Steam then.

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