Ecosa Invitation Code - Does Anyone Have One?

I am about to purchase a new Ecosa mattress, for those looking for a similar thing it may be helpful to know they are currently offering 20% off. I have seen they have previously offered 25% off but that was over a year ago. I don’t monitor their pricing so not sure if current price is good or not.. either way that is beside the point, I need to buy a mattress and they appear to have decent reviews and coupled with the 100 day trial I’m willing to give them a go (just to get the wife off my back who insists the mattress is to blame for her recent grumpiness!).

Anyhow, I noticed that during checkout I can enter an invitation code and seems that they have a refer a friend offer. It doesn’t look like you get anything special, it says a years membership to their ‘Ecosaperks’ club however I can’t find anything to describe what this is and what benefits this could offer anyone.. perhaps it is just a mailing list for them to try spam you with more things to buy? I have no idea but won’t cost anything to find out so wondered if anyone here had an invitation code they would like to share with me?

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    I have no idea what that is… but here is a code: (mod: referral codes not permitted in comments)

    This is what it said:
    Your friend enters your referral code under the "Promo Code" box at Checkout.
    Your friend keeps the ecosa product for 100 nights – no returns nor refunds.
    Both of you will get a one-year ecosaperks membership for free.
    As an ecosaperks member, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on your purchases. You are also eligible to give out a maximum of three (3) one-year memberships to your friends.


    Have you considered

    We purchased a Consumer membership specifically to read their report on these foam mattresses and Napp came out on top.

    Other than the mattress smelling for a little while it has been super comfortable

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