The Market wait times?

First time user of The, how long do they take? I ordered a Nintendo Switch from them 11 days ago and the order just says "Paid" and that's it. :/

I've even emailed them and no reply. Also the live chat agents don't know whats going on and can provide no helpful information.. seems odd.



    I ordered a Logitech mouse through The Market when it was posted here on March 20 and received shipment details on 23 March and received the mouse on 24 March. I think there are major delays with courier right now

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    Even with delays with couriers, you should have recieved emails saying they have sent it and with a tracking number.

    Which retailer did you actually buy it through on the market? Perhaps contact them directly.

    It sounds to me there is a chance the retailer is waiting on more stock and the communication between The Market and the retailer had broken down.

    Also note The Market is notorious for just cancelling orders, especially if you have applied a discount coupon. Has happened to me before.

    Good luck!


    I’m having the same situation. Ordered from the market on 1/5, two items from the warehouse and one from Quay. The items from the warehouse were dispatched the next day and I received them the following day despite it saying 10-14 business days deliveries compared to Quay which claims 2-4, but the item hasn’t been dispatched after 9 days. Might take @gatkins advice and contact Quay directly, cheers


    If you ordered something from The Warehouse there.. then good luck, have had some really mixed results. Hell I am still waiting on things ordered prior to Easter direct from their website.

    Most things from Other Retailers on The Market have been fantastic.

    Ordered something from Noel Leemings last week and at arrived 2 days later (Rural Delivery)


    Doesn't sound promising..
    The Switch is coming from The Warehouse, which also shows as in stock.
    I'll wait till Wednesday and if the item, I'll cancel.
    I guess I'll have to go with Noel Lemmings (aren't they apart of the warehouse group anyways?).

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      Ended up cancelling my order, can't be bothered with the wait. Found one on facebook for cheaper.




    Cancelled the order 6 days ago.. yet it got rejected and the item still hasn't arrived. The Market people just ignore any message I send them. wtf mate.

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