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KFC Coupons Valid till 09/06/20


Some new coupon codes based on the new limited menu (no burgers, wraps and I don't know what else is missing).
check if your store will be open tomorrow by going to;
.I would imagine the wait in the drivethru maybe a long one!

PLU63 - 2 Wicked Wings,reg Potato & Gravy $3.
PLU171 - 5 Nuggets with dipping sauce,reg Chips $5.
PLU213 - 2 Wicked Wings,1pc Secret Recipe Chicken,Mini Popcorn Chicken,reg Chips,reg Drink,Bread Roll $10.50.
PLU131 - 4pc Secret Recipe Chicken,2 reg Chips,2 reg Potato & Gravy,2 lge Drinks,2 Bread Rolls $16.90.
PLU58 - 6pcs Secret Recipe Chicken,6 Nuggets,2 lge Chips,1 lge Potato & Gravy $22.
PLU155 - 8pcs Secret Recipe Chicken,2 lge Potato & Gravy,2 lge Chips $25.
PLU199 - 12pcs Secret Recipe Fried Chicken,2 lge Chips,lge Potato & Gravy,4 Bread Rolls & 1.5L Drink $34.
PLU125 - 15pcs Secret Recipe Chicken,2 lge Chips,lge Potato & Gravy,1.5L Drink $39. (that one is called the bubble bucket!)

*Please redeem above coupons in store between 23/04/20 to 09/06/20.
Not valid with any other special offer or coupon deal.
Not available on delivery.
Not available at KFC Auckland Airport, International Terminal.
Limit one offer per customer per transaction.
In stores without Krushers, Krusher will be substituted with a reg Drink, please check our website to see which stores stock Krushers.
Set combinations apply. Coke glass used for illustrative purposes only.

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