Over 700 Free Comics Added to ComiXology


They have just added 700+ comics to the free list. (Thank you ComiXology and Amazon)

Please use the add all to cart option (I filled the cart manually the first few times, finger got tired clicking and I noticed the button), you will need to do this a few times as there is a 150 item cart limit.
The last title is a pre-order, so it may ask for a payment option if that title is added, just remove it.

Credit to fredk1000 at OzBargain

Part of: ChoiceCheapies Guide to Self Isolation (Deals & More)

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    Hey, thanks for this! I can't find the add all button though? Is it glaringly obvious and I'm blind or do I have to do something to enable it? Thanks again


    Sorry, I haven't had the chance to look at it, but.. are you able to download the comics or just add them to your account?
    Not sure as never used ComiXology before