PLEX Live TV Free for 3 Months


For the next 3 months, Live TV will be free—no Plex Pass required.

If you have an HD antenna and tuner, then now you can stream your free live TV to all your devices without Plex Pass through the end of June (DVR and other premium features still require a Plex Pass). And if you don’t, we got some of our hardware partners to offer them to Plex users at a discount for a limited time. You can stream reruns, new shows (treasure them!), news, or kids programming. Stream it all around your home or while you’re away. Maybe it will help educate, entertain, enlighten, or another e-starting-word. Get the details here. We’ve been working especially hard to fix lots of issues with Live TV based on thoughtful feedback from the community. Stay tuned for more details on that soon.

Credit to Doowyah at OzBargain

Part of: ChoiceCheapies Guide to Self Isolation (Deals & More)

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