Free Kids Shows for All (No Prime Required) @ Amazon Prime Video


Thanks to the mighty corona, Amazon has unlocked all kids shows for free to all including non prime subscribers. A pretty good freebie.

Working for me here. Advertised as worldwide, so let everyone know except your kid’s teacher.

Sure beats google classrooms and Moodle 🤢


Credit to Bellpop at OzBargain

Part of: ChoiceCheapies Guide to Self Isolation (Deals & More)

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    It's alright - you can tell the teachers… We need a break from it all too ;)

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    Thanks for the deal. I have an offspring who would enjoy this… if I could make it work.

    I think I must be pathologically incapable of understanding anything Amazon ever touches. Prime Video is apparently designed by the same people who built AWS (speaking as a developer, is there any other system as confusing and illogical as AWS?)

    • there seems to be no search function on the site
    • there's a confusing message saying "most" videos on Amazon are only available in the US (do they actually mean on Prime? Or do they mean videos you buy off Amazon on physical media? Amazon is !== Prime)
    • when I finally found the video i wanted (resorted to using google search like "blah") it has no blue play button. It lists a second video (called "Bonus - Official Trailer") which DOES have the play button. Big deal, I could watch the trailer on youtube…
    • when I click some (most?) of the shows it gives me both the option to "Start your 7-day free trial" AND if I ignore that completely I realised I can apparently just play it. Is that what this deal provides?