Cold call from Sky TV?

Got a cold call from Auckland number on my cellphone.
Saying I see you canceled your sky last year etc etc, ( yes as we moved)
For $30 per mth, basic plus my sky, for a year (Ring back in 6 weeks)

Got a quick missed call today, googled the number and some people think it is a scam. Doesn't ring tho when returned. Then realised it was the same number as other call.

Anyone been getting calls from Sky offering roughly half price deal to get you to connect lately?

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    Scam. Sky would have given you a workable phone number to ring back if legit!


      I have to agree, although it is not impossible they have been inept, or have outsourced to someone who is.


    If it were a scam, why would they ask you to ring back in 6 weeks. If legit, why would they ask you to ring back in 6 weeks?
    Really strange either way, although in 6 weeks, could mean next financial year, maybe trying to make the numbers look good?


    Update. I made an inquiry on the skyTV contact page asking if this is ok. Today the same young man ran me back saying he had a message handed to him to recontact us. Asked him how I know it was not a scam. He said first month would be due to the Sky Installor ( same as last time through the 0800 number listed here. ) He also gave me an 0800 to ring him back on if I wanted to. He said his firm was contacted to SkyTV for new customer connections. Only going away for 3 weeks now so he will phone me back in early April. $39 per month for 12 mths.

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