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Belkin N300 Wireless N 2.4Ghz 300Mbps Router - $9.99 + $3.90 Ship / CC @ Playtech


If you are after a cheap basic wireless router this is a great deal, similar ones usually go for more than this second hand. Please note this uses the older wireless N technology (max throughput of 300Mbps) so although it will be fine for basic surfing/streaming/social media, will not recommend for 4k streaming or other more bandwidth heavy stuff.

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  • Will I achieve max speed if my broadband plan is 100/20?

    • I don't see why you would need this over the stock router that ISP provides you with? Unless you want more wifi coverage over other areas of the house, this would do fine with 100/20 connections. Wireless N usually gets around 150Mbps.

      • Thanks :)

        • Also some ISP routers are shit, like Trustpower. 2degrees fritzbox is good tho

          • @ognsoign: I've had issues with my spark one. Hoping fibre modem is better

            • @Foodie: There modems come with 2 year replacement warranty.

              • @Kury: I already had 2 replacements so gave up. I get internet on my main PC but phones often hitch and have moments where nothing occurs.
                It could be something else and not the modems fault but I've never had this issue before with other ISP's.

                • @Foodie: What type of connection do you have? Adsl, Fibre!

                  • @Kury: VDSL at the moment with fibre being laid as soon as chorus get their A into G

                    • @Foodie: Ok even being on VDSL you should have a reliable connection. If you replaced modems then the possibility of issues in the house or cabinet down the road or the exchange. Talk to Spark to escalate the issues. As you say fibre is coming. But your paying for something that's not working properly. Hope this helps.

                • @Foodie: Every connection except fiber can be pretty temperamental, then again ISP routers are often terrible partly because they cycle through old ones and (im like 90% sure) they take broken returns and put them back in circulation.

                  2degrees usually much better because you get a new quality modem, then again 2degrees has their own issues which they'll be hit by the commerce commision with one of these days but their connection is stable because it's fiber on a quality modem.

                  pinging the router and pinging the internet is a good way to discern which one is the culprit

                  • @ognsoign: Thanks, doesn't surprise me that they recycle returned units.
                    I'll try the ping thing but it's intermitant so will likely just put up with it until fibre goes in

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