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AirNZ: Flights from $9 One Way @ Grabaseat


As per many news articles (eg https://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/air-nz-offer-9-domestic-...), AirNZ has $9 one way flights going on sale:

ir New Zealand's Grabaseat is releasing 1000 domestic flights at just $9 one-way tomorrow morning.

Air New Zealand Chief Revenue Officer Cam Wallace says the unmissable fares are in response to softening domestic demand growth as a result of coronavirus.

"On Monday we'll be offering these absolutely outstanding one-way fares to all of our 20 domestic destinations," he said.

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  • hmm 1000 seats isnt that many, how many seats do they normally do for their regular every few months $9 promo? This promo smells a little rank as if they are trying to profit on this latest event. Similar things were happening with the aussie bush fires, companies would offer a deal that realistically couldnt be redeemed by most just to get their name in the spotlight.

    • From the destination that I was searching, its still in the same date range as the $9 deal from last week…. and yes I also think as you said, its just their regular every few months $9 promo. Nothing great. Still great for the lucky few that able to fly within the date range i guess.

  • its been sold out

  • Picked up two flights, with booking fee that was $23, pretty happy!

    • Curious - flying solo or with family? I searched for my family but couldn't see any at 9am - guessing more results would have showed up if searching for say one seat?

  • already sold out at 10:00 today.Congratulations to all lucky people!

  • It was sold out by 9:10am … if you did not get the 503 timeout error.

    1000 seats — most people want return, so effectively 500 return flights — for 4.5 million people. Almost better buying a lotto ticket haha.

  • Queenstown to Auckland was sold out at 9:01 lol, not sure how that was possible but that’s what Grabaseat said


      I thought flight agents buy these tickets and sell them as packages.

      • They can’t as the flights would be under their own names and to change a name on the flight you have to pay like a lot of money .

  • I tried to book some flights but got nothing but timeouts and errors. I very much doubt there was even 1000 seats, maybe 100 so some people think they got lucky.

    • My friend used Air NZ website directly instead and managed to get some flights , I think I’ll do that from now on, as grabaseat is way too congested

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