Any Cheap Option or Tour for Doubtful Sound

Hi People, I want to go check out doubtful sound around june, any suggestion on a cheaper option or tour as i can only find $500 per person for overnight cruise, we prefer the overnight cruise as the night view will be amazing but 1k for two for the night will blow our budget, any suggestion will be much appreciate. thx



    Hi, $500 is pretty good, the peak price is lots more, the only discount I've seen was on grabone a while ago. Bookme do Doubtful Sound activities but not the overnight cruise. Did you find an overnight cruise that runs in June? Real Journeys is only Sep to late May (21st this year).
    Quad share in April is $319, that's very good, just got to find 2 friends to tag along or share with 2 strangers.
    The day cruise is still good, but it's a long day. Milford is a better day cruise if you haven't done that.