Best Samsung Galaxy S20+/S20 Ultra Pre-Order Deals


First of all this is not a post about whether I should buy the new Samsung or whether some other brand is better.

I am looking for the best pre-order deals for the S20+ or S20 Ultra. I don't have any loyalty to any of the carriers. I currently have 2 degrees for internet.

Most retailers like Noel leeming and PB tech seem to be doing bundle deals where they give you a bunch of semi-useful items but I would prefer to pay less rather than have an extra speaker or modem.

Another option would be to pre-order in Australia as it will be a couple/few hundred dollars cheaper but then it becomes grey stock.

Thanks in advance.



      but cant use CC


        Unless something has just changed, that is not true - I have used a credit card at PBTech in the last month.



          well.. you can.. but 2.5% surcharge.

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            @huffboy: Yes and fair enough too, but that's a long way from not being able to use a credit card.



            @huffboy: Bugger that for a cheeky addition I though retailers weren't allowed to do that and credit card companies would beat up on retailers that did this.


              @fatboyj: Last time I checked, they removed that law. CC companies monopoly or something.

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              @fatboyj: Its definitely allowed, and entirely reasonable in my opinion.

              Why should someone else have to pay for a decision that I make in terms of how I want to pay?

              If I don't like it, I can choose to pay by cash, or direct credit, or whatever else I and the retailer agree upon.

              It seems no different to freight charges. If I want you to send me goods to some far off location the other end of NZ, why should you pay for my decision to live or work there? If I don't like your freight charge, I can pick up, or arrange for someone else to collect it and send to me, or buy it from the shop down the road.


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    Like many other retailers, PB Tech has bundle deals on top of the Samsung wireless buds. Great if you need these extra products but I'm a bit dubious value they quote.

    Option 1: ASUS TF-AX3000 wifi router(worth $599)
    Option 2: Sennheiser PXC 550-II (worth $599)
    Option 3: JBL Xtreme 2 speaker (worth 429) and Samsung 15W wireless charger (worth $119)

    Noel Leeming also has 3 bundles on top of the Samsung wirelss buds:

    Option 1: Amazon Echo show 5 + Ring door bell (worth $350)
    Option 2: Amazon Echo show 5 + Fitbit charge 3 (worth $328)
    Option 3: Amazon Echo show 5 + Wonderboom 2 (worth $320)

    Harvey Norman bundles a JBL link music speaker and 200 6x4 prints

    JBHiFi give you a $200 store voucher which is less value that the other retailer but I guess it the closest to an actual discount.

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      Option 1: Not a good router, these ASUS routers that look like tarantulas, are generally overpriced garbage (also the RRP is closer to $400 and it's still not worth that much), also you will be forced to data share with 3rd parties for some for some of the features.
      Option 2: These headphones are nice, i've had experience with the previous gen and it's a nice pair - but as you can see on trademe people are selling it for $350
      Option 3: This actually is decent, but again $319 in pricespy, you could probably sell this quick to some students though.

      Noel Leeming

      Option 1: Ring Door bell is closer to $150, Amazon Echo Show 5 regularly has bad feedback about mic quality, limited features when not in the US but will still do the smart home stuff for the most part. Anecdotally, the recent research suggests Google's products are better.
      Option 2: Fitbit Charge 3 has bad reviews on the noel leeming site itself, about longevity etc etc
      Option 3: PBtech speaker is better.

      JB hifi deal might be ok if you can get them price match or they have one of their wonderfully incompetent pricing error moments.

      You can safely ignore Harvey Norman.

      So conclusions? PBtech probably has the best bundles, they aren't just trying to pawn off their old tier trash stock on you, but even their deals aren't wonderful unless you specifically are looking for those items.


        Thank for your thoughts. I was leaning towards the PB Tech headphones bundle but like you said, there will be plenty on Trademe. Plus I don't NEED a set of headphones.

        What would you ask JB hifi to price match since the pre-order price is the same but just different bonus'?

        Maybe I'll wait till the price drops post-launch


          Oh sorry I meant if you took advantage of the $200 gift card with some other upcoming deal worth price matching, not as a price match for this deal.

          FWIW - PBtech win again, they also included an extra wireless powerbank for people who ordered the s20 ultra in cosmic black as it was delayed. Good on them _b


    if anyone would like to sell the Asus router, give me a message


    So is no one trying the sign up to 2degrees Pay Monthly plan and quickly cancel trick this time?


    Looks like if you don't mind going on a Vodafone plan you can get $300 off along with the NL bundles.

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