Moving to NZ: Wanting Customs Info Re: Carrying Computer Parts

Planning on moving back to Auckland for a while. Would like to bring my Ryzen system over. GPU cost was $699 and other components are $810 when bought eight months ago. My plan is to carry each component in it's box on carry on luggage. Hoping not to pay customs duties under the personal effects? But would just like to check. Have emailed Customs NZ and would like more info before I ring them + anyone's experience with this.



    As you already own the items, it wouldnt generally be an issue - i.e. whats the difference between you carrying computer components you bought 8 months ago, and a laptop? Ive travelled in and out of both countries several times without issue, including carrying an xbox one when i emigrated, and laptops and other electronics etc.
    The only item of note here (IMO), is that you are intending to bring them in as carry on, in their original boxes. I would assume you would have the original receipt to carry with you as proof that the items arent new - that should be sufficient.


      Ringing them to be 100% sure. fb chat staff have agreed that it's personal effects. Still needs to be declared. Would have been a $344 NZD tax if components were new…


        Really? Then why don't they collect tax from the rings of recently married couples moving to NZ?

        EDIT: Sorry didn't read your post properly. No tax so all good.

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