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Win a Share of 10,000 Prizes or a Year’s Supply of Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry's



Closing Date 22/12/2019
Multi-draw Yes


Description 1-year worth of ice cream supply (52 pints), Catering Valued to AUD$700, Handpacked Pint, Sundae, Single Scoop Waffle Cone
No. of Prizes 10000
Total Prize Pool $195,494.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods App, Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

To enter the Birthday Hunt Competition, eligible individuals must, during the
Promotional Period:
• have access to a smart phone with internet or mobile data access.
• go to www.benjerryhunt.com
• Register with your mobile phone number. This will involve a quick text message
registration. Please note these will be charged at your provider’s standard rate.
• After you have registered you will receive instructions and you can begin
collecting Vatoms across various locations in Australia & New Zealand for your
chance to win prizes. Please note, you will not be able to collect Vatoms if you
haven’t registered.
• You will be able to collect up to 3 Vatoms per day.
• Once a Vatom is collected, it will be stored in your wallet.
• Every collected Vatom corresponds to a Primary Prize which could be redeemed
at any Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Australia.
• All Vatoms have an expiry of 2 weeks since day of acquisition. Following which it
will be removed from your wallet if left unredeemed.
• You will be able to redeem up to 1 Vatom per day in participating Ben & Jerry’s
Scoop Shops.

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closed Comments

  • This would be great odds for the NZ side of the comp given theres only 1 location in NZ(ChCh)

    • There are 2 in Auckland. Ponsonby and Mission Bay. I won a year's supply of ice cream on Saturday. Not sure how many of these prizes are available.

      • ah, their site map was being odd for me and seems to load a few more locations now. I guess the prizes can't be redeemed at night'n'days and only their flagship stores.

  • Could probably post this as a deal rather than competition. Because they regularly add prizes and easy enough to win so almost a sure thing to win. I have collected 5 cones and 1 pint

    • Do they "Vatoms" just keep getting added on? Cant see anything in Auckland

      • I think the add them at certain times of the day. Thye add a bunch of them and once someone claims it it disappears from the map

        • If vatoms at one place are gone (grabbed) then they get replaced with new ones, and each new lot gets better :) ie. sundae, pint

  • Bummer none in Wellington!

  • Anyone interested in a free catering pack? Got one but no one to share with.

  • Aha I assumed you get a free scoop, but turns out to be buy one get one free offer :(

    • I got a bunch of free scoops, a couple of sundaes and some cookies. Claimed a scoop and sundae on Sunday no problems. (wife and I both have a account). 'won' a BOGOF after claiming/

      • Did you have to buy one to get your free scoop or sundae? After I scanned the QR code I got the BOGO screen (and no prizes won).

        • Nah the QR gave me another voucher for the BOGOF, but they gave me the free scoop and sundae before scanning code, they said the QR is for an extra entry to win a years supply.

          • @rkl: Hah, that Pt Chev guy at the Ponsonby branch said I only got the BOGO voucher and no free scoop. But nvm, just won the catering package so a massive middle finger to him lol

  • Catering package vatom just appeared in ponsonby north! Some cheapie grab it now lol. I'd just grabbed the other one :)

  • Do the years worth of ice cream and catering packs have their own icon?

    • The catering one is one giant gift box vatom. Got one last Wed, then saw another on Sat. Seems to appear at around 1:30pm