Noel Leeming Black Friday No Price Matching

Wife went into NL a few hours ago wanting to do a pricematch and two staff told her they don't pricematch Black Friday deals? anyone have any other experiences with this?

She wanted to pricematch a Nintendo Switch and get it from NL for the Fly Buys points.

Maybe "Black Friday" deals fall under "special event pricing" on the no nos for Price Promise? meh, I just told her to buy from the Warehouse (same family anyway).

FYI I don't care for Fly Buys but the wife seems to like them :)

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Noel Leeming
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  • I was told the same thing today online.

    I've submitted a complaint to comcom.

    The "special event" clause is just really an out for them to not price match when they see fit.

    I mean if they don't match during black Friday sales because its a "Special event" that means they can choose not to match during any sale for the same reason.

    I don't really care if they as a company pricematch or not, but if they advertised that they do but then make it really difficult then that's false advertising in my opinion.

    • Yeah, its odd that they have the ability to pick and choose which sale events they will or will not honour. It seems Black Friday is generally an accepted sales period among the retailers…..

    • What is the value in complaining? What will that achieve?

      • Comcom dishes out warnings and fines for many things including misleading consumers. I believe Noel Leeming’s price promise is misleading and is similar to the the mitre10 lowest price guarantee that they were fined over. if you advertise you can pricematch but refuse because in this instance the competitor is having a nationwide sale then this is effectively misleading consumers. As a consumer I should reasonably expect the price promise to be honoured. Alternatively just don’t advertise you can pricematch if your intentions are not to pricematch when it suits you. If we don’t complain these companies just continue with poor and sometimes illegal practices.

        • You’re right. Noel leeming are notorious for this. A few months back during a good deal on a competitors ssd hard drive Noel leeming were honouring very few price matches and sending many customers on wild goose chases claiming the matching system was ‘down’ in an attempt to avoid matching the price by having the competition product sell out

        • I reported Noel leeming yesterday to comcom btw. Sick of their nonsense

  • Yeah told same thing online yesterday. Silly thing is Jbhifi is in the same building and were cheaper

  • MightyApe the same. Declined my price match of something that was $3 cheaper at NL.

    • Really ? What was the Justification ??

    • They have declined some of my price matches as well.

      From mighty ape - It’s important to us that you get a great deal on everything you buy on Mighty Ape. If you find a cheaper price elsewhere, we’ll do our best to match it.

      The wording of it gives them an out. They don't state that they WILL price match, but only do their best.

      • When Mighty Ape was just starting out I remember they were cheap and accepted every single one of my price match requests, even ones I did not expect them to beat.

        Now days, Mighty Ape is quite expensive, the daily deals are a joke, and they decline almost every single one of my price match requests.

  • I went into JBHIFI on Friday and got them to price match PB tech for a pair of Samsung Galaxy buds ($100 off against their price) The salesman had to check with his manager but he authorized it. I only used JB because I had a e-voucher. But they were quite good about it.

    • *Wrong comment replied to

    • once i tried noel leeming for price matching and the guy just laughed it off and said nope. went to JB Hifi and they did it w/o any issues. depends on the salesperson as well.

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