Torpedo7 Black Friday "Sale" Not What It Seems

Hi all.

I wanted to share my experience I just had with Torpedo7.

I went onto their site to purchase a tent on Monday; I knew what I wanted since a friend had just bought one. I knew the price that it had been the previous week when my friend bought his, $600, but when I went to buy it had increased to $899.

I fired up the online chat to find out if they could match the previous price - they couldn't, "prices fluctuate due to different market conditions".

I saw another tent, the same design but the next size up - this was advertised as $750 and since it was cheaper I thought that it would make more sense to go with that.

But.. before I purchased I asked on chat if there was likely to be a change to the price with Black Friday sales and if I were to purchase today but then found out that it reduced in price could I get the difference back? They told me getting the difference back would be at the discretion of management and not guaranteed but since their Black Friday Sale was about to start I should wait as the price would go down.

So I waited.

I jumped on the site this morning and what did I find? The price of the $750 tent had actually increased, it was now $875. To be fair, the $899 tent had in fact reduced in price but I had already sold myself onto the larger one by now so the smaller one was off the cards.

I fired up the chat again only to be told "Unfortunately, I cannot offer products for a sale price after the sale is over.".

But.. the "Black Friday" sales has just started? I was told me to wait since the price would go down. Why has it instead gone up and you aren't willing to honour the previous price? Their answer.. "sorry for that, is there anything else I can help you with?"

Just a little annoyed.. not a good experience so wont be buying a tent from them at all now.

Any recommendations on a new tent? I'm sold on these inflatable types.. 6 person tent would be great.

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    Black Friday sale started already? They increased to $899, then do a 30% off sale so you get that first tent again back to around $600 hah


      Worse still.. the first tent actually has a “RRP” of $999 so is currently at $700.. perhaps I need to wait until the BF sale is over and then it may drop in price to $600. 🤨

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    Shoppers beware: Some Black Friday 'sale' items are more expensive

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    Try using the friends and family code


    Torpedo7 Air Series 500 Tent as example

    Full price $999
    Special price $699
    Discount using code $199
    Final price $500

    I can get through to delivery and payment page with this


      That would have been fantastic however when I go to apply the code it says that it has expired, I don’t get to the payment or delivery page.


    Usual of Torpedo7


    As a frequent Torpedo 7 shopper, who only buys during discounts, they have a 7 day price guarantee policy - so if the price drops within 7 days of your purchase they will refund you the difference.
    If it's after 7 days, don't worry - they also have a 30 day right of return policy. So as long as it is not used (such in the case you are anticipating a future possible sale), it's best to just buy it and wait to see if it drops in price. If so, return it and just buy again.


    Not a big fan of Torpedo 7 here either.

    I've been after a couple of kayak seats so looked them up online and then did an online stock check. All their stores show stock so I made a 20 minute drive during my lunch break to their Albany store yesterday. After 5-10 minutes of wandering around trying to find them and all the staff actively avoiding me I queued at the counter for another 5 minutes.

    When finally served I was met with "Oh we've not had any of those for ages". Arrgh. "But they're showing online as in stock" I reply waving my phone at them. "Yeh, we know, it's been wrong for ages. Would you like us to order some in for you? They should be here next week."

    Terrible customer service. I walked straight out and have gone elsewhere. They don't deserve my business.

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