Rear Facing Car Seat - Does Dimples or Baby on The Move Do Boxing Day Sales?


Just wondering what people like as far as high end car seats convertible car seats. Convertible being rear or forward facing. Our kid is 11 weeks old and currently in a capsule, but it was a very cheap capsule and it's not that often we take the capsule out of the isofix and attach it to our buggy so we are looking for a permanent rear facing car seat. We don't intend to swap the seat between cars and it will sit in a Honda SRV SUV.

We went to baby on the move recently and thought we'd like the Nuna Rebl Plus which is a 360 car seat, but it's actually not that nice, the clips are fiddly.

We liked both the Britax clicktight boulevard and the Nuna Rava seats. The Nuna being $719 and the boulevard being $629 (currently on sale for $529). We preferred the Nuna Rava because it is more compact (length wise) and looks nicer, although the Britax is very nice too.

Just wondering if baby on the move does sales on the Nuna seats? The cheapest place I can see is to buy from the market (dimples store) and use a $50 off coupon and 3% cash rewards.

The other option is to go have a look at the Joie seat at farmers, they are sometimes 50% off.




    We have a Diono Rainier (in a larger Honda sedan). We rear faced our boy until he was almost 3 years old. Could have kept RF for longer but he likes forward facing so he can talk with people. He's quite tall. I've heard that for smaller kids the Rainier can RF until about 4 years old.

    Got it at Baby on The Move with a "$50 off $500 spend" voucher that came with Pregnancy Bounty Pack handed out at an antenatal course held by Parents Centre.