EFTPOS Machine suppliers/for rent/own

does anyone know any good value eftpos machines? I think you rent them? Not sure if its rent or own?
Thinking about getting one at work but not sure who is any good/inexpensive.

not sure if it matters but this would be for palmerston north.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)



    I have my terminals and merchant services with windcave. They've given me the best rates for rental and merchant fees by far. Called all the banks and none could match their merchant rates.
    Note pricing may or may not depend on the amount you would be running through the system and if you do credit cards


    To accept EFTPOS you need two things. A terminal and a merchant services account. You don't need to get the two together necessarily. I think most people do it separately. We rent a terminal from Eftpos Specialists (BOP) Ltd and I use ANZ for merchant services. I am about to switch to Westpac though (which will be a PITA but saves me 0.1% which is a decent amount). What rate the merchanc services people charge depends on how many transactions you will probably do and the average value of each transaction. You get charged for credit card transactions. You don't if your customer uses EFTPOS. Windcave look like they charge, from their website, around 2.8% on Visa and Mastercard. ANZ charge us way less than that. If you consider Windcave then you should look at eWay


    I don't know if this is of any interest to anyone, but heard about square on the radio:

    Square POS app and Square Payments have no monthly fee/startup fee/ minimum transaction requirements/application fees. Just a flat 2.75% transaction fee. It comes with free inventory management, a customer directory, sales reports, and analytics.