Flybuys - Best Thing to Purchase with Flybuys Points?

Just wondering if anyone has any tips about the best way to spend Flybuys points?

I'm asking because of the recent deal that was posted about the New World voucher. I see that it's the best value per point for the gift card section but wondering if there are any other items off the website that are "worth it"?

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    I would wait until black friday which is not too far away.

    Last year's blackfriday flybuys promotion; i got a Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 for 815 points (roughly $130). Currently it is 1360 points.

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    Think my maths is right.
    I just received a jacket from Torpedo 7 for 340pts (redemption special, usually 425pts).
    Jacket currently on sale at $89.99 ($129.99) = 26.5c / pt (regular price = 30.5c).
    Have seen sales around 50c/pt on headphones ($ + points)

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    I just buys what I need, previously has been kitchen appliances, this time bought a bucket of lego :D