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Free 43" 4k Samsung TV (Worth $999) with The Purchase of a Note 10, Note 10+ or S10+ When Joining 2degrees on a Monthly Plan


I took advantage of this promotion last year with the Note 9. Great deal.

Available for New and Existing customers

Looks to be a Samsung UA43RU7100 (Unconfirmed) which is currently selling for $888 at JB Hifi
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If you leave plan within 6 months you must pay an early exit fee of $300.

There are only 1500 TVs available.

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    Hi - Long time lurker here but i was just wondering… if I were to purchase the phone and terminate after 6 months for $300 - is that the only thing I need to pay for. For example - if I go on a 24 month plan and pay for the monthly amount for the plan and phone and then cancel at 6 months, would I just need to pay $300 ?

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      Interest Free: Phone balance repayable if you end your eligible plan. Plan, Promotion and Interest Free T&Cs apply.

      +$300, so essentially you pay $300 for TV and buying phone full price


        Jumping on this bandwagon to clarify.

        $55/m for six months = $330
        + $29 upfront = $359

        $300 Leaving fee if you cancel before the six months. So you could just get this then cancel straight away, leaving you ($55 + $29 + 300 =) $379 out of pocket

        Or is leaving after six months perfectly fine? Will it still be locked to 2degrees?

        Because $359 for an S10+, a 4KTV and six months of a mobile plan sounds too good to be true.

        And you know what they say, if it's too good to be true, it usually is.

        Thanks in advance


          You would still have to pay the remaining balance on the phone. What you do get for $355 (the $29 goes towards the price of the phone) is a 43" TV.


          You forgot the cost of the phone, you can see "Total monthly cost" at the bottom of the product page.

          S10+ phone repayment:
          $139.16 per month @12 month,
          $69.58 per month @24 month,
          $46.38 per month @36 month,
          or $1699 up front.