Any Experience with AA Contents Insurance Claim (for Drones) ?

I crashed my Mavic Air a while ago, was thinking of claiming it through contents insurance. Does anyone have any experience? Is there anything I should be aware of? what are the steps involved? How long would it take? would I have to send it away? Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Use the AA chat box. They are very helpful.
    You are asking people here to read the terms and conditions of an insurance policy so you don't have to. Fun!
    Make an AA CSR do it.


      Hi, Monk thank you for your help.

      I was not asking anyone to read through the terms and conditions because I can & have done that myself. As mentioned in the post was asking for advice from anyone who has gone through the process.


    Contents insurance usually only applies to contents while on the premises of the insured address, check the wording on the policy; if the damage to the drone occurred outside of the property it may not be covered. Just say the drone was damaged on site to avoid that trap. They'll want you to take pictures, I do not believe they will send out an assessor for a drone. If it's an expensive drone they may ask you to supply a quote. The process is fairly straight forward however they will try and weasel their way out of it if you don't read the policy and don't know what your entitlements are.

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      Lying to an insurance company is such terrible advice.


      Heya, Thanks for your advice. I'll keep that in mind.


      This isn’t accurate for all policies, you need to check what you are covered for - all my previous and current policies cover my personal belongings outside of the home if it is usual for the item to be used outside of home - e.g. mobile phone, watch, tablet, laptop, drone etc.

      Ultimately it will vary based on your policy so read it.

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