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Add Bacon to your Whopper for Free @ Burger King (21/10 to 27/10)


By royal decree, from Monday 21st until Sunday 27th October thou can add bacon to your WHOPPER® for free. T&Cs apply.

Customers must mention the offer when ordering to redeem the free product. Not available through delivery, mobile app, or kiosk.

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    Free bacon for your free whopper good score.

    I voted for 2 x beef, ahum, a few times.

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    Strange, I thought 2x beef was clearly on top?

    Customers must mention the Policy when ordering to redeem the free product. Not available through delivery, mobile app, or kiosk.

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      ahh thanks, T&Cs number #37 better put that in the post to avoid any disappointments next week.

      Also, the final result was 43% vs 41% so it was close. There was a surge for bacon on Fri.

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        Yeah I'm not buying it 😂
        Something fishy going on


          When I was voting for 2xbeef I remember there was about 20% difference but bacon overtook beef in just one day


            @gunnerman: All I remember was early on beef was up on 51%.
            Surely everyone would rather 2x beef

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              @Stingy: Bacon here :) Also must be Khalessi or Cersei sympathisers sabotaging the poll cough…


              @Stingy: I voted for bacon, not so much because I wanted it but because I didn't expect it to win/change the outcome. Also I didn't really care. Not like I can use it with my free Whopper. Was surprised when I noticed on Sunday that bacon was now on top. One factor for the late change could be BK's major email and app push happened around Friday I believe.

              I also wonder how many of those who voted for their "friends" accounts to get free Whoppers made a difference. I'm not sure what the actual voting numbers were. I heard from someone who did do that, that there seemed to be a percent change after 20-30 votes but of course they don't know if they were really much of a factor, it could have been there was a lot of other voting going on or it was just very close to changing.

              I have noticed the Burger King app never seems to get much interest. I've maybe seen someone else use it once that I can recall although I often go at non peak times and it's not like I'm staring at the checkout. Definitely with the app ordering I'm often like 6-8 near the end of the day although I don't quite know how their numbering works. (But once or twice when I used it early in the day I was 2.)


    3x free rashers of bacon with any WHOPPER® Burger product for a one-week period. This includes WHOPPER® Burgers that are part of coupon offerings. This also includes all members of the WHOPPER® family: WHOPPER® Jr, WHOPPER®, Double WHOPPER®, Triple WHOPPER®, Double WHOPPER® with Cheese and Triple WHOPPER® with Cheese.


    I love bacon, thanks. Also much better and freshly baked in regards to their biggest competitor:)

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