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[PC, MAC] Free on Epic Store: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare [PC] & >Observer_


Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

A thrilling new storyline, hordes of creepy enemies, serious firepower and beautiful Arizona locations,
combined with a fun and challenging new game mode!

Mixed (3,745 reviews) Steam Link


What would you do if your fears were hacked? >observer_ is a cyberpunk horror game from Bloober Team,
the creators of Layers of Fear. Play as an Observer, the new front line of neural police,
as you hack into the jagged minds of the insane.

Very Positive (2,756 reviews) Steam Link

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    Stop posting this until it's actually free.


      My dear friend, if you haven't noticed but about 1/3 of the deal on this site is posted in advance so people would be aware of them when the time comes. Actually next to the name there is a label which can tell you if this is a future deal or expired one and your comment is kind of irrelevant.


      As long as posters correctly mark the start date of future deals I don't see a problem with it


        What happens is it never gets re-notified so everyone misses the chance to download it. Posting it a week in advance is just killing us.

        Post it on the day it goes free or the day before. It's free for a week, nobody will miss it then.

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          I respectfully disagree. Delaying posting upcoming deals because some people can't remember them is madness. Set a reminder on your phone's calendar or something.

          Or better yet, post in the forums asking for a "reminder" site feature - seems like a pretty useful thing to have a button on a deal that subscribes you to some kind of alert when that deal begins.

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            @NeM2k2: Actually I just noticed today there already is a reminder feature…

            • -1 vote

              @NeM2k2: Does it email you? If not it's not useful. Most people don't come to this site, they get sent here by the digest email.