Looking for A Genuine Balloon Flight Supplier

Looking For A Genuine Balloon Flight Supplier
For my dads birthday I am looking for a balloon flight supplier.
Any recommendations here?
I found some but I need experiences; we are looking for a flight of 1.5-2 hours.
I found this article but only Kiwi balloon company is close to us https://theculturetrip.com/pacific/new-zealand/articles/the-...

Cheers in advance!


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    Will you travel to ones not I your area? Wairarapa would be a nice area for a (long) weekend and balloon ride.
    I've only been up in Cappadocia, it was amazing.
    Cheek bookme for deals, they might be on there, with reviews too.


    Thank you so much for the response; I was afraid now1 was going to react. I am going to call them today. We are open for any area as long as its not to far

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