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Hi all,

I was parking my car at supermarket car park, some one backed their car out and scratch my car and run, but lucky not too serious damage,

I am looking for DIY paint in white colour, can any one please advise where to buy white colour and what to look out… for easy DIY for woman ?


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    How deep is the scratch? If its paint transfer from the other car you may be able to use a little cut and polish to get rid of it.
    Be careful with DIY car paint, it is much much harder than you would think and you will most likely make it look worse.


    Any auto paint shop shop be able to colourmatch a spraycan for you.. remember to give the area a light sand and mask it… YouTube University is your friend


      thank you, can you please advise which one you normally go, and do you know how much does it normally cost ?


    I wouldn't even try repairing it yourself, unless it's an old banger of a car. It will need specialist prep, paint, and protective coatings, otherwise it will simply look worse than the scratch - although you say it's "white", there are hundreds of shades of white. Unfortunately the professional repair will be relatively costly since most of the time they respray the entire panel, and possibly the neighbouring panels as well.

    If it's just a small scratch, you could try someone like Touch Up Guys who specialise in masking / repairing scratches and stone chips.


    Chris fix youtube

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