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Win a Share of Over $82,861,587 Worth of Prizes from McDonald's [With Purchase] McDonald's Monopoly - 1 in 5 Instant Win



Closing Date 16/10/2019


Description As per list below
No. of Prizes 1000000
Total Prize Pool $42,949,672.95

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods App, Website, In Person
Prerequisites Purchase

To play, an Entrant must, during the Purchase Period:

a. purchase any one (1) or more Eligible Products from a McDonald’s Restaurant while Eligible
Products are available for sale in that McDonald’s Restaurant; and

b. carefully remove the Ticket attached to the Eligible Product packaging or Ticket Card in the
manner directed on the Ticket or packaging to reveal a promotional message (the
“Promotional Message”) or chance card message (the “Chance Card Message”), and the
Unique Ticket Code.

If the Ticket contains the Chance Card Message, the Ticket is a Chance Card Ticket. The Chance
Card Ticket entitles the Entrant to play one (1) of six (6) available promotional games that will be
released in 2 phases. (The “App Game”) on the Application in order to reveal a digital Instant Win
Ticket or Collect to Win Ticket (each an “Electronic Ticket”). On average across all Chance Card
Tickets used to play the App Game, one (1) in five (5) will yield one (1) Instant Win Food Prize or
one (1) Instant Win Non-Food Prize.

To participate in the App Game and reveal an Electronic Ticket, Entrants must, during the
Promotional Period:
a. download and launch the Application on their compatible mobile device. The Application is
available free of charge and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store for Apple iPhone
devices or via Google Play for Android devices; and
b. follow the prompts of the Application in the manner required to fully and correctly register
the Entrant’s Chance Card Ticket to access the App Game; and
c. play the App Game in the manner required on the Application and as described in these
Conditions of Entry to reveal an Electronic Ticket. Each Electronic Ticket will contain a
Promotional Message and may contain a digital code (the “Electronic Prize Code”); and
d. follow the prompts in the manner required to either:
• if the Entrant is not yet a member of the MyMacca’s Club, join the MyMacca’s Club in
the manner required by registering an account; or
• if the Entrant is already registered for a MyMacca’s Club Account, log-in to their
MyMacca’s Club Accoun

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  • Do you get these cards if you order with UberEats?

    • Should do as they are stick to the burger box / fries container/ drink cup.

      Anyone have a list of the streets to look out for?