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2 Months Free Subscription (usually $12.99 USD/month) @ Headspace (Meditation App)


Greetings everyone, Headspace are offering a 2 month free subscription on their app using the coupon "TUBE"

Please note that you can only apply a code to accounts without active subscriptions.


Learn to meditate and live mindfully

Hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety
Bite-sized guided meditations for busy schedules
SOS exercises in case of sudden meltdowns
Which areas does Headspace target?

Courses: Each course includes a series of guided meditations to help you master challenges and develop healthy habits. Learn proper breathing to defeat fears, reduce stress when pressurizing yourself, or relax during a stressful day.
Meditation courses on stress and anxiety: coping with anxiety, coping with stress, restlessness, undergoing changes
Meditation courses for falling asleep and getting up: sleep, restlessness
Personal development meditation courses: relationships, self-confidence, kindness, happiness, acceptance, appreciation, balance, patience, generosity
Meditation courses on work and productivity: concentration, prioritization, productivity, creativity
Meditation courses on big challenges: anger, sadness, regret, self-confidence, sadness
Meditation courses on exercise and sport: motivation, concentration, training, competition, communication, analysis, recovery, reconstruction
Meditation courses on health: Conscious diet, addiction, pain, pregnancy, cancer
Meditation courses for students: getting a grip on distractions, leaving home
Apply the code on the linked page.

As always, enjoy :)

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