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Win $300,000 Worth of Instant Prizes @ Countdown (Trolley Dash)



Closing Date 18/09/2019


Description $300,000 worth of instant prizes
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $300,000.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Purchase

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    As usual, some products you buy give you bonus chances.

  • 1466950200343762389 Hope it’s re usable


      If it's like last time, then each code is unique to your receipt and can only be used once.

  • This one generated so much interest last time. Codes reuseable (at least to begin with) and people worked out how to make up codes. Some were banned and threatened with legal action. Many people racked up large fuel and points discounts! On a check the above code doesn't work for me. So if it was typed correctly, they maybe fixed that.

  • yes above code not work for me , hope can break code again , i have some being e-mailed to me put up soon

  • yep, looks like they fixed it. codes are not reusable anymore

    developers have worked hard to fix it

  • I think the codes on the receipts are now specific to the One Card used at checkout. Wife made a purchase and I tried to play with my card (unused code) - didn't work. Did with her card though.

  • Merged from Countdown Trolley Dash - Sept 2019


    Just wanted to ask if anyone has actually gotten anything worth while out of this trolley dash thing.
    I've never seen any extra one card points or fuel savings drop in the 10+ games I've played.

    Seems very sparse and just wondered what everyone elses experience is.

    I'm also guessing that each play doesn't enter you into a draw for something and its only what ever drops?

    • Had the same thought, the first time they had this promo I got a decent amount of aa discounts. This time around Iv played over 20 times and have yet to win anything.

    • Played twice. Got a bonus game first time. Second game got 60 one card points and missed at least another 30 points

    • +1 vote

      We're still waiting for the codes (I think from bonus code items). For some silly reason they email them rather than just printing them on the till receipt, and it can take over a week to come through. :o\

    • If they actively make an effort to hide the odds of winning a prize(or breaking down the prizes available and the quantities) it's probably for a reason(ie its terrible odds)

    • Managed to get 15 One Card points but that's after a few attempts….

    • I got 45 one card points in the first game

    • Thanks for comments guys


      Out of four codes and four bonus plays (one during each code game), I managed to get a "whopping" 6c petrol discount in total. :-\


    I'm not sure where the "18 September" closing date in the original post is from, but according to today's Countdown junk email the closing dates for this year's Trolley Dash game / competition are …

    • 15 September = last day to obtain codes by purchasing items
    • 22 September = last day to redeem codes on the website game

    It says on the till receipt that the bonus item codes (when buying particular items) are going to be emailed to you "by 11 September".

  • The in-store codes are definitely tied to the Onecard but the online codes are still sharable. I placed two online orders to be picked up at the same store at the same time (order were made 12 hours apart) and they got the same play code.

    I suspect all online orders to be picked up on the same day/place get the same play code.

  • I only get about 3c/l per 5 or even 10 games.

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