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TTesports Big Red Box 4-in-1 Combo $119.98 (Was $259) @ The Warehouse


TTesports Big Red Box 4-in-1 Combo $119.98 on Clearance (Was $259) at The Warehouse.

Bundle includes:
Mouse pad.

49 units in stock when this was posted.

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    That mouse has some special features: "6 BUTOON ERGONOMIC DESIGN"
    And don't forget the "PLUNGER" switches on the keyboard

    Will the extra butoons help me in fortnight?

    Seriously though, I woldn't buy this. A quick Google says it's a membrane keyboard and the same kit is on Amazon.com for $40US (nowhere near the $119.98 asking, let alone the original price!).

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      Never buy specialized or specialist stuff from a general store.

      They're gonna sell you inflated junk if your unlucky, or middling stuff at a high end pric3.

      Most money is made selling to beginners as there is way more information asymmetry and more of this group in general


        This is slightly off-topic but you sound like you're in the know. Who would you recommend I purchase a gaming rig from? I've been looking at PBTech and Mighty Ape. Thanks a lot.

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          Mighty ape are very overpriced, pbt is not ideal but a bit better.

          Im a bit out of the loop as the scene has changed a lot since i was in the loop.

          Look at playtech, pbt, and pricespy. Use resources such as geekzone and gp forums, they are nz forums. Just post your budget and requirements in the correct forum and format so its easy to sort you out.

          Make it very clear, budget, whether you are building by buying parts or want the whole rig done for you(which is what i suspect), what you are using it for etc.